Keep your Kids Safe on Internet

The World Wide Web is a wealth of content, but it can prove to be a devastating place for the young ones. The dilemma arises how to ensure the safety of your kids on the internet. The solution is by installing few tool, you can ensure that your kids is safe on the internet.

Create a password- It is necessary that you apply a password for your computer or laptop. If a child is too young don’t disclose your password to him/her. If you are a proud parent of teenage boy or a girl, ensure that you create a separate account without providing administrative privileges to him/her. Also, use parental controls.  Through this you’ll be able to keep a tab on what kind of programs your child installs or the files he access.

Trim down their access to inappropriate websites- It is an acknowledged fact that once a child get access to World Wide Web or repository of information he will try to access adult sites. The easy solution is OpenDNS- a tool that blocks content of adult website from the internet.

To access this service, you need to create an account with OpenDNS. Once you have registered, now click free Family Shield tab. By clicking this tab you ensure that your kids are not granted access to inappropriate content. The major fall of OpenDNS is it is not a kid proof they can easily figure out and access the inappropriate websites.

For kids who are extraordinary smart, you can use the program like K9 Web Protection. It is a free tool that circumvents kids for using harmful websites. It not only blocks the inappropriate site, but it also keeps a log of URLs that were accessed by them. Even it keeps a tab on what sort of keywords was used to search the blocked website.

Install kids browser- If your child is below the age of 10, you can install Kidzui browser. This software permits access the only those websites that is vetted by the browser.

If you can spend money, then a good parental control software, can save you from much of teh effort and provide you foolproof online safety for your kid(s), one such excellent software is PC Tattletale - Parental Control Software.

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