LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer- A Perfect Way to Entertain your Child

LeapFrog LeapPAD Explorer is perfect for all those busy woman who don’t have time for their child.  The techtoy from Apple is filled with books, games, and other entertaining apparatus.

This product takes full control of your child’s dreams. Basically manufactured for toddlers for age ranging from 4 to 9 years, but a preschooler can also use it.

How can it entertain your child?

This product has brought single pulse of change in technology, and the implications are the way we look at the child’s achievements. With this product your child can make videos, share photos and artwork with friends and family. The two apps Story Studio and Art Work have brought paradigm change in conventional story telling methods.

The eBooks help your child to delve into an immersive experience and stunning visuals. It has pre rendered support features that enhance vocabulary of your child. Skills levels can be adjusted as per your needs and requirements.

It captures the action because you can track their progress and achievement through email updates.

What sets it apart?

It has reservoir of games, and other learning apps that responds to your child’s action.  With five inch Touchscreen your kid can draw, learn or view activities. The e book is easy to slide, and interactive to use. Not to forget, it has inbuilt camera and videos, which can be synced with the computer.

·         It has inbuilt 100 games, apps, flash cards, and videos
·         It has memory size of 2GB
·         With upgraded ultra eBooks, your child will be able to experience the thrilling combat.
·         Its dynamic curriculum makes it possible for your child to learn various subjects like mathematics, geography, art, language, culture, and much more.

This fun, entertainment apps has got a host of positive reviews, but it could be better if it had supersonic processor.  The 400 Mhz processor don’t allow apps to load swiftly hence; it frustrates many people. Also, it is devoid of WI FI connection, so your tots won’t be able to play their favorite internet games.

It offers tots with four free apps like Art Studio, Story Studio, Pet Pad, and one of your choice- other apps can be downloaded at a cost of $5 to $20, which makes it an expensive package.

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The Positive Reviews

Inspite of many negative feedbacks, this is a great compact tablet that has attained 160+5 star reviews.

On the plus side, it fully entertains your child. For instance, your child is reading an eBook, a wealth of content. It not only reads stories, but it also tykes particular that is beyond comprehension of your child. The book has upgraded animations; system sounds and provides pre rendered cinematic experience.

Not to forget, this product is compatible with Explorer, which connects it to spectacular learning experience.

It provides your child an experience of videos, phonics, with updated textures and wide screen support. It is a durable tablet that reacts and adapts to your child skills.

How long it will entertain your child

 It entertains your child to its core. With easy to use rechargeable battery, your child will remain entertained for hours and hours.  Games, apps, eBook truly makes it a high definition package. It is the reason that this product has attained 3.8 out of 5 stars. The product truly provides a luxurious experience to its users.

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It is a must buy product for your toddler because

It brings a new identity to your child, which is never easy. Also, it integrates creativity outlet for your child in form of games, which are bit expensive, if you take a basic package it is not grueling. It can store 120 minutes of videos and 30,000 pictures that enhance your holiday experience.  Although this product is not a substitute for teacher, but it is able to reach out to your toddler’s learning skills.

Some of the reviewers recommend it as the best tablet for kids because it is quite affordable in comparison to iPad or other tablet. Most of the time, parents are nerves at the thought of child exploring some defamatory content on the internet. Through this tablet you can be at peace of mind because your child cannot access internet.

It is a right ingredient that replicates fun and entertainment in the first go.

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