Learn Computer Programming through exploration at Khan Academy

Not aware of Khan Academy? Well, Khan Academy is a website which makes Maths, Science, logic learning, easy for kids (and adults too), through its innovative methods. And the good thing is, the tutorials at Khan Academy are Free. Khan Academy, yesterday, launched new computer science tutorials, designed to teach anyone programming. The Khan Academy Computer Science site throws you right into the code behind a range of projects, so you can learn by experimenting with the JavaScript code. John Resiq, noted creator of the jQuery JavaScript library, is heading the project.

Philosophy Behind Khan Academy's new Computer programming Tutorial offering:

In the words of Resig, the said philosophy is:

When I look back at how I became interested in programming, or ask other programmers about how they started to program, the answer is very frequently: "I was given a [Basic/QBasic/Python] compiler and a bunch of programs and I wanted to understand how it all worked so I could write my own!" It was only after digging in to the code that the student wanted to understand how to tackle certain programmatic challenges – but they then did so with great gusto!

The Khan Academy Computer Science program is a distillation of this process into it's purest form: Directly encouraging experimentation, exploration, and creativity as a direct gateway to deeper learning.

With the launch, Khan Academy, has joined the plethora of free "learn to code" services, including previously mentioned Codecademy. But what makes the CS section of Khan Academy different is that Khan Academy's tutorials are really self-directed—where a learner learns by toying ideas.

What is on Offer:

-- walk-throughs for relatively complex topics
-- The code editor, reflects everything you change instantly
-- Built-in color or image picker
-- Ability to make minuet changes in code and execute them in real time
-- Ability to save code to one's account
-- Connect with others, who are using Khan Academy.

Get building your own programs, head to Khan Academy CS now. --------

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