Marvel Mobage "War of Heroes" Digital Battle Card Game announced

Marvel fans delight, you will be able to do battle as your favorite heroes in Mobage's upcoming digital battle card game "Marvel: War of Heroes", developed by San Francisco-based ngmoco.

Mobage, Mobile social games platform of Marvel, has announced their upcoming game "Marvel: War of Heroes" for Android and iOS. For those who are new to to the gaming platform, it's best known for their incredibly popular battle card game "Rage of Bahamut," the number one grossing game on both Android and iOS.

Mobage's Marvel-themed announcement was the latest in a series of upcoming releases recently touted by the company, including "Transformers Battle" and "Blood Brothers."

About the Game: 

The game "Marvel: War of Heroes" is based on "Rage of Bahamut's" game mechanics.

The game allows the gamers to build their own team of super heroes bycollating a deck out of digital cards. Art for the "War of Heroes" cards is being provided by established Marvel artists, including Sana Takeda, Adi Granov and and others. The Game will be launched in end 2012 and will debut with hundreds of Marvel heroes and villains.

 What will attract Marvel Fans:

1) The single-player campaign features an original storyline and puts players in the perspective of a lone hero.  With the progress, the perspective switches from hero to hero. In addition to the single-player option, "War of Heroes" comes equipped with a PVP mode, guilds and ranking system, as well.

2) Allowing you to dabble into some genetic engineering wonder, the game allows the gamer to collect multiple copies of the same hero's card, so that he can combine them to make his/her character more powerful, and players can use S.H.I.E.L.D. tech to boost the odds by evolving and fusing their hero's powers.

3) The gamer can also unlock special combos by combining certain characters in the same deck, with a player getting a boost if they pair. For instance pairing Black Widow and Captain America together,could be an ultimate boost.

4) A code for a rare, secret promo card will be available to anyone who registers pre-launch at To get the card, users will simply enter the code in-game after it launches.

Availability: "Marvel: War of Heroes" launches this fall for Android and iOS. --------

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