Multi tasking Gadgets for Mom

Contrary to popular belief, mothers are just home makers now the belief has been totally changed. Now the woman has become deal makers from home makers.

They have pulled up their socks and have geared towards a new trend of being techno mothers. So, for this birthday, don’t limit yourself to roses, candies, apparels, rather replace it with some multi tasking gadgets that read Happy Birthday Mom.

Converge USB Docking Station

This docking station provides a platform to various devices like iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and media players that can be charged instantly. You can incorporate four USB cables to it and it has stand where your devices can rest. The greatest perk is you don’t need to find multiple plug points or worry about misplacing the charger.

The major USP of this docking station is you can charge your Android and iOS device at the same time.

Price- Rs 2143(approx)

The PowerPot

Now this is what you called innovation. Heat the water and listen the music, isn’t amazing. Basically it is a feather light device that converts heat into electrical power. Add water in the pot and place it on the heat source. Once the cable is plugin, you can start charging your electronic devices. It has a USB device and it comes in two variants. With the assistance of powerpot, you can charge your cell phone and mp3 players. It seem to be a kitchen cooking pot generating 10 W output.

The major USP is you can heat the water and listen to the music simultaneously.

Price- Rs 10,622(approx)

Elecom TK-MBDD041 BlueTooth Keyboard

With the advent of this keyboard, the voice chat applications have taken a new turn. On the face of it, it may look like wireless keyboard, but when you hold this tiny winy keyboard near to your ear, you will understand it works like a wireless handset for various audio chat applications like Skype, VoIP, etc. This keyboard also displays caller details. With a single click of button, you’ll be able to activate mic or earpiece on the base.

The major USP of this device is through it you can talk, type and listen simultaneously.

Price- Rs 12,995(Approx)


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