New PS3 games revealed -- Rain and Puppeteer

PS3 gamers will love this... two new PS3 games have been revealed -- Rain and Puppeteer. Both the games being developed by Sony Japan Studio.


Rain is about a boy who can only be seen in the rain. A boy sees a silhouette of a girl as he wakes up. He later becomes invisible and experiences a whole new world. Although invisible, the boy can be seen in the Rain and the game unfolds as he traverses through the city. Great Rain effects. Check out the debut Trailer below:


The game is a puzzle platformer that takes place in a magical puppet theatre. In the game a boy is transformed into a puppet who can switch heads, giving him the ability to use different powers. The game may remind you of Little Big Planet, except all the game takes place on the same stage, while the sets keep changing dynamically.


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