Package Tracking Apps for your Smartphone

Do you want to find hassle free way of tracking your shipments? We have narrowed down some apps that will work best with your iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Avery Universal Package Tracker-This package tracker works the best for iPhone and Android. This free tracker apps is best suited to keep track of packages like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
·         Push notification provides you notification when package is at move
·         Google Map is available to find current location of your package.
·         It is able to track 50 or more outgoing packages at a time.

Packagetrackr- It is a powerful package tracker apps that keeps track of USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS, and countless of other shipping services.
·         You can easily forward the mail directly to the shipping address.
·         Notifications is available
·         You can track by carrier, addressee or sender.

PackageTrackr Pro- This tracking app is best suitable for Android, but the catch is it is not available for free. Rather it comes at a nifty cost $1.99. It is compatible with host of international shipping agencies and its main features are enlisted below
·         You can easily sync this app with PC
·         Push notification feature is available.
·         It displays the package route.

Track This Package Tracking- It is not a free app and is available at $1.99.
·         It supports 13 international shipping agencies.
·         Push notification feature is available.
·         You can easily seek for customized status updates.

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