Reason why Banning Cell Phones while driving doesn't work

It's has been seen that, the Governments across the world keep banning cell phones (mobile phones) while driving. But according to a new study by MIT Researchers, this hardly has any impact; and accidents attributed to 'distracted driving' do keep happening on the highways.

The MIT research on contrary says that, rather than the use of Cell Phone while driving; it's the bad/careless/rash/rebel(who don't care for laws) drivers who cause accidents; and using a cell phone at the time of driving hardly makes any difference.

In simple: A Bad driver is more likely to use a Cell Phone while driving.

The drivers who are termed Good drivers, rarely use a cellphone while driving.

A sloppy driver, who normally uses a cellphone while driving; picks his cell phone the same way -- he picks a packet of Chips from the back seat, keeps re-adjusting his rear view mirror, keeps accelerating and putting breaks hard, changes lanes twice as often, over takes from the wrong side, closes his Eyes and hums his favourite song.

What Governments and Parents (in case of a minor) do:

Both the Government and the parents, should focus on implementing and teaching civic sense and Traffic Rules to a Driver. If parents ensure civic sense and respect for traffic laws, the child will not only "Not use Cell phone while driving", but will also follow other traffic rules.


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