Revamp your PC-Basic Steps

It is a fact that Windows computer tends to get bit sluggish after several months of usage. The underlying reason is the Window operating system starts collecting junk and bogs down your machine.
Here are some nifty tools that can assist you in overhauling your PC

Cleaner- CCCleaner is basic PC cleaning software that keeps a tab on temporary internet files, cookies, etc. Depending upon the requirements you can also install advanced options of CC Cleaner. But for most users default option do the trick. You can run CCleaner in a month to refurbish your PC speed.

Windows Registry- Registry is the repository that assists the operating system to access and organize the software information. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t have a capability to maintain this index. The result is: if you uninstall programs, the registry entries still remain. The trick is to run registry cleaner after every six months to clear away the junk entries.

Uninstaller- When you install a program the installer performs countless tasks- like copying the files to folder, creating file association, and doing registry entries. Ideally, the uninstaller reverses the entry. But most of the installed software leaves a residue after being uninstalled.
The trick is to have an app like Zsoft installer that removes or uninstall the residue application from there.

Defragment hard drive
When you store data in your computer, the information is fragmented into smaller pieces and it is written down into sectors on the hard drive. These sectors might not be written in a continuous blocks and thus it results into file fragmentation. Now, if the file fragment spreads across your hard disk, the PC moves at a snail pace. Hence, the best solution is defragmentation.
UltraDefrag is the solution for all your needs

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