Social Media and Olympics

Adobe and NBC have partnered together to stream Olympics on your Smartphone. CNET reports that both of them are working for 2 free apps. One would be streaming 3500 hours of the game and other app would be used for highlighting the special events or for special interviews.

NBC could have done this singlehandedly, but teaming up with Adobe has reduced their burden and this partnership would surely break the ground. These two apps are obtainable on iOS and Android platform that reaches to countless of Smartphone users. So, whether you’re enjoying music or streaming your favorite channel, you can enjoy Olympic experience on your Smartphone.

IntoMobile further remarked that virtually everything is becoming mobile, so they were not tad surprised to see this, but the applications cooked by them is truly splendid.

GigaOm has attached strings to it that whether you can actually access the game or not will depend upon the cable bundles. Subscribers who have access to CNBC and MSBNC will be able to stream the videos in a better fashion.

Still want to access the apps; they are available on iTune and Google store.


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