Sony plans to bring PS3 Games on Sony Android Tablets and Smartphones

Sony may not be doing great on smartphones and tablets market. But if, Sony --once an Electronic giant, successfully implements the plan it's currently seriously contemplating on; then it can come back to the reckoning.

Sony plans to bring PS3 Games on Sony Android Tablets and Smartphones:

Yes Sony plans to to bring PS3 Games on Sony Android Tablets and Smartphones; so that its loyal gamers at PS3 and other mobile gamers can give its smartphone and tablet business a big push.

And Sony's estimation is not wrong. The smartphones launched in the past six months are powerful enough to completely revolutionize mobile gaming.  The entry of NVIDIA (which a couple of years ago, was known for its graphic efforts), in the mobile device chip design, has elevated the power of smartphones equivalent to laptops. Smartphones with Tegra 3 quad-core processors and the more powerful Mali-400, have elevated smartphones to ultra-powerful levels.

If the trend continues, and if these ultra powerful smartphones are not limited by bandwidth required for the graphic rich and fast console type mobile games, then the phones can be seen to ably handle games with more demanding graphics – ultimately fulfilling Sony's dreams.

Sony's recent acquisition of  a cloud gaming company, Gaikai,  is in line to its plans. Acquiring a Cloud gaming company means that a major problem of buying and downloading a game, which is often large in size depending on the complexity of the graphics, is solved.   When Sony links its mobile games delivery and updation via cloud then a client on the phone can directly connect to the servers via 3G or 4G LTE network (only thing which is required here is an  unlimited mobile data plan active on the user's phone).

A Glimpse of Future:

With increased connectivity & proliferation of internet; people are more prone to be working in a SOHO, that is the "Small Office, Home Office" concept; and will not need usual travelling to work. So if a person is sitting at his home all day; he can buy a bulky gaming console as well.

But if it is believed that, the time saved by a person in commuting for work, will be spent by him in leisure activities like sight seeing, camping and trekking; then he will require a powerful mobile device too. A device which gives him gaming console like gaming experience. Lets see how far, Sony manages to succeed in its plans.

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