The Most Popular Downloadable Apps

Here’s the quick snapshot on the most downloadable nifty gadgets

Cooliris- Cooliris is a revolutionary app that lets you to collect all the images at a single place on your ipad, whether you have searched images on Google, tablet, Facebook or Instagram. All you have to do is to add your account details to Cooliris and it displays all your pictures in swipeable 3D wall. With this app in your arsenal, you can select as many photos as you want and share them on various social networking sites with a few taps. You can also view the images on Facebook newsfeed as well as albums-and it also helps you to share photos on private one to one basis or within the groups. There is also a conversation mode that assists you to create a picture with friends. The major benefit of this app is your friends will be able to see all the photos even if they do not have the app.

FreeMyFitnessPal Calorie Counter- If you are planning to shed some kilos this app can help you to plan your diet. It even keeps track of your diet.  When you sign up it will ask you the details like weight, height, type of job, about your weight loss goals- and based on that it builds a profile like how many calories you should consume in a day. It also has a simple user interface where you just have to add whatever you eat in the Calorie counter. You can view the day summary or the weekly consumption to check the progress. And yes, you can invite your friends to encourage towards a healthier lifestyle.
 Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows 7.5

WebMD Baby- WebMD it is a pediatrician on your mobile. This app is easy to install and it contains a host of problems and ailments that toddlers and infants suffer, also it provides you advice on how to deal with the problems. It provides parents an easy access to nearly 300 articles, over 500 tips and 70 videos. It also have inbuilt tools that let you to track the growth of your baby like its height, weight and a growth calculator that determines the growth percentile.
Also, it boasts of having a Baby Book that lets you to capture and record infant milestones like his photos, videos and you can share it on social networking sites.
Android, Free


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