Travel Light- Smart Gadgets for Businessman

Do you want to travel light? Well, if your answer is affirmative yes, use these nifty gadgets that are specially designed for the people on move.

Device Charging Business Case

This device is made up of durable Oxford woven cloth that it able to withstand the hard rigors of travel. It features 6000mAH battery which is able to recharge itself in 3.5 hours through an AC adapter. Also, it has 30 pin connector through, which you can recharge your Apple devices. For Blackberry, Android, e-Book readers and Bluetooth pieces there is micro, mini and standard USB ports that is able to recharge them instantly. The business case has four compartments for storage, and it has 8 pockets to hold Smartphone, files and folders.

The major USP of this product is it lets your charge your devices, while you are traveling.

Price- Rs 8,017(approx)

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 5000

It is a feather light keyboard which weighs 414 gm. Its comfort curve design lets you to keep a natural posture while typing. It fits well for Microsoft Windows, iPad, iPad2, and Android devices.
The major USP of this product is you can slip this keyboard into your bag easily.

Price- Rs 3350(approx)

DVDO Mobile HD Travel Kit

It is a unique travel kit through which you can charge, sync and stream video. It has 20 inch USB-A connector and an 8 inch microUSB connector. Not to forget, it has high definition multimedia interface cable that is 36 inch long and has adapter to connect to PC’s.

The major USP of this product is through it you’ll be able to stream high definition videos from Smartphone’s to HDTV.

Price- Rs 1,066(approx)


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