TweetCaster: The Best Twitter App for Android

There are lots of free Twitter apps for Android but there is only one that can be truly called as the ‘best Twitter app for Android’ and it is best known as TweetCaster. Here are some of features of the app that you cannot even find on the official Twitter for mobile application.

Brilliant User Interface

The app features a rich combination of colors. Its interface isn’t packed with icons but you can easily find the icon that you need for a certain action. Aside from the Sign In button on the top left corner of the app, you can easily find the command buttons for Trends, Who to Follow, Search and Nearby, a feature that will load the tweets from the people who are nearest to your location. This particular feature is quite useful especially when you are tweeting from a certain event such as parties and concerts.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

With TweetCaster, you can load not one but two or more Twitter accounts. This comes very handy for users with multiple Twitter accounts. Whatever your purpose is, you can easily tweet from one Twitter account to another without the need to log-in and log-out.

Schedule Tweets

Along with the ability to manage your multiple Twitter accounts, you can also make use of the TweetCaster for Android app to schedule your tweets and have them posted on a later date or hour. This particular feature would come very handy especially to those who don’t have enough time to tweet but would like to keep a steady pace of activity on their Twitter profiles. Such method has been considered as one of the most effective ways to increase the number of your Twitter followers.

Awesome Themes

Now this is a very rare feature that you cannot easily get from other Twitter apps. Even so, TweetCaster has a variety of themes that you can use to customize the appearance of your app. So if you’re the type who would like to stand out from the crowd, you’ll definitely be able to do so with TweetCaster.

Fast and Almost Zero Lags

Admit it. Most of the Twitter apps that you can find at the Google PLAY Store would occasionally crash. Well, it’s different with TweetCaster. You can refresh your timeline and view the new tweets in just a matter of seconds. Plus, the app appears to be almost free from glitches and bugs.

There’s no doubt that the TweetCaster for Twitter app receives a lot of positive ratings from its users. It’s free and is packed with lots of splendid features. It is truly the best Twitter app for Android tablets and smartphones! 

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