Web Apps for Twitter

Twitter has just crossed the benchmark of 500 million users. No wonder if you really want to transform your tweeting experience into a superlative experience consider using these apps

Follow a conversation- If you want to follow conversation between two people Twitter users or friends or between twop celebrities, it is essential to head towards Contweets. All you have to do is to sign up and once done type Twitter, it will handle the users or you can even choose from the list of people you follow.

Chat in a hashtag- Tweetchat can make your life convenient; if you are following certain hashtag. Type the hastag in the box and get a chat room type environment that provides you a list of all the tweets coming in. Also, all the tweets that you type in the dialog box is added in the hashtag too.

Shorten the message- If you really have a hard time in compressing the tweet within 140 character limit. Try using 140it it will shorten up your message by using tricks like two instead of 2. It may look grammatically annoying, but your message will shorten up.

Schedule a tweet- You can also schedule a tweet that you want to sent latter. Here is an app that makes this possible. Use Twuffer and sign it with your id and write your tweet and specify date and time when you want to schedule it. A word of caution- check out the right time zone before you commence.


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