Which Router is the Best- Guide for Small Businessman

If you are planning to buy a router, there are certain factors that you need to keep in the mind. The basic question that you need to ask, is for what purpose WI FI router is used and how many devices will be connected to it, the other factors are- the kind of range you want and whether the gadgets  you use supports WI FI g or n.

Let’s discuss further on which router you need to buy

Basic Router- If you want to fulfill your basic business needs and requirements, it is better to go with Netgear WGR614 for Rs 1500. The cheapest router available in the market is ADSL2+ and WI FI router combo is the TP-Link TD-W8951ND, it is available at Rs 1800.  It is the best router; if you need inbuilt modem.

 Router with USB support- If you’re able to expand your budget to Rs 3000, then you can get ASUS RT-N13U Wi-Fi router with USB port. Connect an external hard disk to USB port and you’ll be able to access HDD from any device, which is connected via similar WI FI network.

Workhorse Router- Do you cringe when your router hang because of the heavy load of video streaming? If your answer is yes, consider opting for workhorse router. It lets you connect more than 10 devices to your wireless network and makes video streaming a possible task. If your requirement is limited to standard videos, we recommend you to buy 2.4GHz WI FI router like the Netgear N300 for Rs 2000.

WI FI Signals- If you live in an area where you are surrounded by WI FI networks, buying a workhorse router won’t make any sense. To supplement your requirements, you need to buy a router with 5GHz band. The Linksys E2000 Advanced Wireless- N Router can accomplish this task for you.

Hope this was all you wanted to know.

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