AntiTheft Solution for your Mobile, Tablet

Defenx, a Switzerland based company, has arrived in India. Defenx, creates and develops technologies, products and services to ensure maximum safety and high protection against any form of threat or malware to Your Computer, Mobile, Tablet and network at you HomeOROffice.

Defenx has the reputation of developing the best software applications in the world, providing to the clients the “solution” to their needs. Where Defenx is innovative enough to remain a step ahead of the security challenges.

Defenx Offerings:

Defenx offers software products for security. All these products have at least two shared characteristics: simplicity and innovation. They have been created to provide a complete and scalable suite able to cover all the market needs in this area.

Defenx offer extends from solutions for private users to small, medium and large company networks. Defenx solutions are currently available worldwide, informs Mr Maurizio Grassi, CEO, Defenx Indian operations.

Defenx Products:

1.  For Home

Internet Security

The Defenx bidirectional firewall guarantees a global protection; preventive defence against the threats; user friendly interface. The Anti-malware system of Defenx Security Suite is the perfect combination between the Antivirus technology and the Anti-Spyware technology. The practical Antispam module allows avoiding mail spam. Defenx Security allows maximizing the operating performance, decreasing the amount of utilized resources.


Defenx Technology is a highly qualified VB100 against Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Worm, and other forms of computer threats. Defenx Antivirus allows to “act in advance” blocking all threats that could cause damages on PC. Defenx Anti-Theft system prevents the accidental or intentional spreading of critical data. Navigation can be done without any fear. Defenx Antivirus cannot be disabled or blocked from external attacks.

2. For Business

Network Security Pro

The software is able to protect workstations regardless of user skills. The powerful Defenx Firewall monitors and protects all incoming and outgoing connections, filtering all network traffic and blocking all unwanted and unauthorized transmissions. Defenx Network Security Pro can block USB devices in order to prevent malware propagation from external sources as well as unauthorized copies of confidential company data.            

3. For Mobile

Mobile Security Suite

Defenx AntiTheft is an anti-theft solution for mobile devices; letting the owner to lock the phone and delete data remotely via SMS, ensuring the highest level of protection. Defenx AntiSpam offers complete control over which messages are to be accepted or rejected. Defenx AntiVirus, powerful and easy to use to protect smartphones from viruses, spyware and malicious applications; that can make the phone unusable or lead to a loss of data. That apart, Defenx AntiTheft feature notifies about the theft when the SIM is changed, it also provides the current location of the device if it is GPS enabled, thus providing possible means to recover the device as well as offering reliable mobile antitheft protection.

User has the option to select up to 3 mobile numbers to which the theft alerts reach immediately when an attempt is made to change the SIM card. The file size of the software is as small as 2MB, which can be easily installed and activated even when the network signals are very low.

The Defenx Smartphone and Tablet Security suite is designed in such a way that it requires low memory footprint to run and hence uses less battery power to run its daily updates. Defenx AntiTheft solution is simple to install and use, even those with little technical knowledge can enable the software to activate the AntiTheft feature for their devices.

Price and availability:

Price of Defenx Smartphone & Tablet Security suite is Rs 899, which includes AntiTheft feature. Distributor of Defenx products is IRIS Computers Limited.

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