ArrayShield 'Hosted Two Factor Authentication' Offering for Enterprise Launched

Innovative pattern based Two Factor Authentication solutions provider, ArrayShield today announced the launch of hosted Two Factor Authentication Offering as part of the IDAS Authentication Platform. IDAS Authentication Platform already serves multiple customers across India, US and Europe with on-premise model.

Two-factor authentication:

Secure authentication is considered vital for organizations to secure any resource available on a public network to help deter intrusions and keep their proprietary information safe.  Two-factor authentication includes an additional layer of security that uses two components to verify a user's identity instead of a standard password. Two Factor Authentication helps organizations to comply with various security compliance standards as well as protect their highly sensitive data from the hands of hackers.

The newly launched hosted two-factor authentication solution from ArrayShield authenticates users before they are granted access to their organization's applications, data, services, and network devices.

By adopting hosted Two Factor Authentication solution, firms will be able to save on operational costs with regard to staffing, administration and logistics overhead lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO), said Rakesh Thatha, Co-Founder and CTO of ArrayShield.

ArrayShield Technologies:

ArrayShield Technologies is provider of innovative Pattern based Two Factor Authentication Solutions. ArrayShield is recognized as one of the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Asia by RedHerring and was conferred RedHerring 100 Asia Award in year 2011. ArrayShield's patent protected technology has won multiple awards and recognitions at global level for its pioneering innovation. ArrayShield is a member of NASSCOM, the apex body of the Indian Software Industry and also actively contributes to events organized by ISACA and DSCI (Data Security Council of India). For more information on ArrayShield, please visit

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