E Publish-The New Trend is catching in

Mohammed Azizuddin Aaamerhas become a renowed name in the field of epublishing. This chennai based techie does not remain at the mercy of the publishers rather he directly upload his content to website that permits him to create e books. 

Who inspired him?
Ashok Banker inspired him to publish his ebook. Mr. Banker published his book Bad Karma way back in 1999 after releasing it in parts to a list of subscriber today he have his own web store www. Akebooks.com. Through this outlet he has sold over 18000 books.

The benefits of selling ebooks are numerous. Access to technology has permitted writers to save tremendous amount of time. Banker who is adept in writing mythological stories clearly states that once the work is complete, it takes around 3 to 12 years for publishing his book. With this new technology, now he can publish the ebook within 6 months. But the process involves a round of copy editing.

To make everything professional he hires a designer for the cover and buys a photograph or image from artist and finally pays royalties before it gets uploaded.

Ebooks help to cater a large number of audiences without worrying about logistics of shipping books. 

How can you publish your e book?
Well, e book can be published by anyone who has flair for writing. Here are some tips on how to publish your ebook.

·         If you are new in this field, it is essential that you write short digestible stories or article.
  • Ensure that you make a title that is related to the book. Add How to or Learn in the title of ebook and see if the book turns out to be a guide.
  • Skim down the price of ebook
  • Create account on epublishing sites like lulu.com or smashwords.com
·         Promote your book through various social networking sites.

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