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A small perfume manufacturer in India, named SH Kelkar & Company, founded in 2012, realised in 2010 that the key to grow well in a fastly shrinking world is to recruit a professional as a CEO, and make the CEO responsible, among other things, for raising capital funding. In early September 2012, the company received a Rs. 243 crore (48.6 million USD)funding from US private Equity Giant BlackStone.

I shared this with you, as Fundraising has today become an important function for every administrator, be him running a company or an Educational Institution.

Yes, an Educational Institution. Especially when the Institution depends on philanthropic or state funding (like minority colleges etc.). And the administrator of such an institution should equip himself to the added responsibility of Fundraising.

A New book, named A Guide to Fundraising at Historically Black Colleges and Universities by Dr. Marybeth Gasman and Nelson Bowman, can equip one with the expertise in this regard. The book is written keeping in mind the colleges in USA, but wisdom is universal.

The Book:

The book is a thoughtful, insightful and informative book on fundraising that is aimed to assist members of an important faction in American educational society, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). But the book is valuable to other minority-serving institutions and majority ones as well. Notably, the book won the 2012 CASE John Grezebach Award for Outstanding Research in Philanthropy for Educational Advancement.

Courtesy the experience and expertise of the authors, the book is a masterful blend of academic research with practical experience. The result is a thoughtful insider’s perspective on best practices that will be helpful to the readers.

About the Authors:

Marybeth Gasman is a noted authority on fundraising at HBCUs. A professor of higher education at the University of Pennsylvania, she enjoys a solid reputation as a researcher and mentor to graduate students and young scholars.

Nelson Bowman, an alumnus of Morehouse College, launched a successful career in the private sector before deciding to apply his sales and marketing background in higher education. He currently serves as director of development at Prairie View A&M University.

For whom is the Book:

The book will prove enlightening for presidents, development officers, Deans, department chairs, front-line administrators of minority educational Institutions. Basically, the book will be useful to anyone involved in the delivery of student services, that is admissions directors, financial aid officers, student activities directors.

The Book is good for also those functionaries who have to actively raise funds for educational purposes.

Blueprint for success: new book zeros in on critical need for HBCUs to engage in robust fundraising.(diverse bookshelf) (A Guide to Fundraising at ... from: Diverse Issues in Higher Education

A Guide to Fundraising at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: An All Campus Approach


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