MobStac’s HTML5 mobile-first platform comes to Indian Web Publishers | Courtesy Mobstac-Google Deal

Google and MobStac join hands with Let's talk Mo

Mobstac (an IITian(s) founded start-up), the framework which makes any website Mobile friendly, has inked a partnership deal with Google.

Under the deal, MobStac will mobilize publishers in India as part of the Let’s talk Mo initiative. Google’s initiative to “talk mobile” with publishers, advertisers, and businesses, as a mobile strategy is no more optional but is in fact crucial to growing one’s business and engaging with customers.

Elated with the deal, Mobstac, quite a young company, sees this as an opportunity to work with Google and take their mobile platform to over 100,000 publishers in India.

This can happen, taking into account, the staggering growth of mobile Internet usage in India.

What Mobstac will offer:

Bring to publishers in India MobStac’s HTML5 mobile-first platform that is capable of delivering mobile websites and mobile apps across a wide-range of mobile devices.

About Mobstac:

MobStac’s platform currently serves mobile websites in over 40 countries and 11 different languages.

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