Researchers create New iPad App: Enables Parents in Early Intervention for Autism

A child when diagnosed with Autism, devastates the parents. But if the parents think of timely early intervention for Autism, then the child can cope with Autism fast i.e. pace up the gap between his/her mental and Physiological Age fast.

A new iPad app, TOBY Playpad, aids parents in Early Intervention for Autism.

The App can provide early intervention therapy to kids diagnosed with autism.

The App is developed by Deakin University scientist Professor Svetha Venkatesh, along with Autism West (Australia) and others.

How the Autism iPad App Helps:

The App can be used to help children gain life skills even before their therapy starts. The App includes over 50 skills, such as matching socks. Currently the app is targeted for ages 2 through 6. more age groups will be included once, philanthropic and app sales money comes in.

Silvana Gaglia, an Autism expert said this about the App,

“It is a groundbreaking application which empowers parents and carers with children who have been diagnosed with the tools to immediately commence therapy activities during the crucial early intervention period.”

Price and Availability: Costs $100.

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