RIM BlackBerry 10 development tools Beta UPDATED

RIM took time to talk about all things BlackBerry 10. The talk included the announcing of a number of new Features for BB 10 and also revealing that the carrier testing for the incoming OS will begin October. Not to be seconded by any, RIM also launched a new update to its BlackBerry 10 development tools beta.

New update to RIM BlackBerry 10 development tools Beta:

What is added:

1) Added a software update for the BlackBerry 10 simulator and BlackBerry 10 Alpha. Both can now boast support for BlackBerry 10′s core apps, which include contacts, calendar, BlackBerry 10 message center, and BlackBerry 10 messenger.

2) BlackBerry 10 developers can now begin making apps with BBM integration.

3) To make development easier the for game developers, RIM has supplied a native C/C++ plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, which will allow devs to quickly port their games to BlackBerry 10 devices and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

4) The company is also pushing an update to the Ripple Simulator, which now features additional support for BlackBerry 10 device and API emulation and comes with Adobe Cordova in tow.

BlackBerry 10 development Resources:

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