2012 Most Hacked passwords List

Hacking is a real hard work. So are hackers. Hence if a web user is still using the word 'password' for his/her online banking account; he/she is underestimating both hacking and the hackers.

Interestingly, people do underestimate hackers, hence many are still using 'password' as password.

SplashData has released its list of 2012's worst passwords, and the top three in the list are - 'password, '123456' and '12345678'. These three held the same first three positions in the 2011 Most hacked Passwords List as well. Some passwords which saw an upward climb this year are passwords like, '123123', 'football' and '11111'.

Only God can save such People.

But some others are not safe either. As they are simply appending a number or word to the above three words. For instance, the 2012 List contains passwords like 'password1'.

Some users online are using words that reflect their theism, passion, Good upbringing or favorite Sport. Some examples are -- 'welcome', 'ninja', 'mustang' 'jesus'.

SplashData, CEO Morgan Slain, cautions from choosing such careless passwords; as the experience and consequences of a hacked password can be terrifying. It can be same as Identity Theft.

Tips on How to Choose a Strong Password:

1) Use different passwords for different websites
2) Always Use Special charachters, Numbers and words to your password
3) Mixing Two languages in a password can be a Good Ploy. For instance, instead of going for a password 'John6789money$$'; a password '6749Johnducats$$' is better.
4) Use Both Upper and Lower Case characters in your password.
5) As soon as you see suspicious activity on your Account ,change your Password.

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