A Real Gun to Kill Musca domestica... the Housefly!

Houseflies have been irritating humans from time immemorial. The irritation is such that, even the most peace loving people; don't think twice before slamming a 'Musca domestica—the housefly' dead.

A 51 year old resident of California USAeighth-grade dropout turned artist, who favors cargo shorts and wraparound sunglasses, Lorenzo Maggiore, has taken the 'Human fight against the oldest adversaries' to a new level.

The innovative, happy go lucky man who surfs and practices Yoga religiously, has created a plastic, pump-action shotgun that blasts pests with table salt. The salt connection which makes him call his invention Bug-a-Salt.

The Californian is though quick to add that while flies are his personal bugaboo, the weapon is lethal against mosquitoes, spiders and all sorts of irksome insects.

Price of the Bug-a-Salt (Say 'Bug Assault') Gun: $30. The gun can be ordered at http://www.bugasalt.com/.

[PS: The Bug-A-Salt is not a non-serious effort, bouyed by the initial response; the creator has already placed 66000 guns order< the guns will be manufactured in China.]


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