Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Once Offered $12 million for Netflix

Former Apple evangelist and now a celebrated keynote speaker, Guy Kawasaki still laments, how he once, declined Yahoo!'s CEO offer. Those were hey days for Yahoo. The fortunes of both Yahoo! and Guy never rose since then.

Netflix founder CEO, Reed Hastings, may also have lamented his decision of flatly rejecting Amazon's acquisition Offer in late 1990s.

Yes, Amazon once wanted to buy Netflix. In 1999, when Netflix was still a struggling start-up, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos offered CEO Reed Hastings $12 million.The offer Reed flatly rejected.

This and things like these, have been revealed in an upcoming book, titled "Netflixed: The Epic Battle for America's Eyeballs " a history of the DVD-and-streaming pioneer, that's due to go on sale Thursday. The Book is authored by Gina Keating, the former Reuters reporter.

The book further says that, the Netflix CEO even tried to negotiate to keep Amazon out of the DVD mail-order rental business.

According to "Netflixed," founders Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph met with the Amazon CEO in 1999, after he indicated he might want to partner with Netflix in some way. "Hastings also wanted to discuss selling Netflix to Amazon if the price was right. The only problem was that Hastings was "less than impressed with Amazon's $12 million offer." Although the author, doesn't reveal how much Reed wanted; it was later reported that the amount demanded was $50 million.


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