Apple leads the pack in mobile gaming

Since the release of the first iPhone in June 2007, Apple has systematically been revolutionizing the way we interact with our smart phones. The iPhone 5 was recently released in the last quarter of 2012 and the constant upgrade of technology over the last 5 years is clearly evident. Apple has not only revolutionized the way we interact with our phones, but has also changed the way we enjoy all our favorite casino entertainment. The iPhone has made gaming mobile, and has set the trend for Android and other OS and devices to follow in their footsteps.

Not content with scrapping Flash and moving over to HTML 5 in 2010, Apple has also revolutionized the technology we use to play these games on. The iPhone brings casino games to you in a portable and compact environment, yet none of the quality is compromised and the end result is a realistic and authentic representation of the traditional game.

Compatible casinos for iPhone are cropping up everywhere as Apple have become leaders of both the smart phone and tablet generation. Being at the forefront of the gaming market is no small feat and it’s thanks to the iPhone’s state-of-the-art features that it has become such a popular mobile device internationally. By being at the forefront of the mobile market, Apple has dominated the gaming space and with the devices interactive touch screens, speedy processors and large displays they are the ideal platform for the fast paced, nonstop gaming action enjoyed by casino enthusiasts.

Notably, the iTunes Store does not offer games that facilitate real money betting, so it has come down to external developers to create apps and browser based games that are compatible and showcase the devices features. It’s thanks to Steve Jobs controversial decision to ditch Adobe and move over to the HTML 5 platform that makes this type of real money gaming possible, as players are not 100% reliant on Apple for providing them with compatible online casino games. It’s this flexibility that has helped make Apple a leading force in the mobile gaming sector, and their innovative and creative technology looks set to continue to satisfy the ever changing mobile market for the foreseeable future.


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