Dongle to make DropBox a Secure Cloud Storage

You don't Trust Dropbox with your data?

Here is news for you. A new Singapore based hardware startup, iTwin, has turned their data sharing dongle into a data encryption dongle for Dropbox. Named, iTwin SecureBox, the device seamlessly encrypts files/folders and puts them in the user's Dropbox account. The encryption-transfer process is a simple drag-and-drop process and integrates smoothly with the Dropbox usage experience on Mac and PC.

Interestingly, the iTwin device makes your Data secure using 'match the two pieces method'. iTwin comprises of two identical halves, which create a unique key (uses AES 256-bit encryption in AES-GCM mode). When you buy the device, the two parts are connected together. You plug in the device in USB Port and each one remembers the other for future. After that you physically separate the two halves and each half can be used as a "key" to access your SecureBox data.

The Start-up is quite sure of its product, and advises you to keep one of the halves in a safe place as a backup key.

iTwin, clears that only both halves of your iTwin carry your unique crypto key and only these halves know the key. An optional password can be provided for 2-factor authentication as well (like the one used by Google, in 2 Step verification).


The primary aim behind iTwin's SecureBox, is that 1) it provides a lock to your DropBox Storage. And the Two parts of the iTwin device are like two keys of that lock. One you can keep with you and other at some safe Place.Only one of these two parts (Keys) will open your DropBox Storage. 2) iTwin SecureBox is essentially a storage device, which encrypts the data when you drag and drop it to DropBox Storage. It's Plug-n-Play. 


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