'Facebook Collections' : New Feature to sell you stuff on Facebook

Facebook is reportedly testing its new retail feature, 'Collections'. The newbie sports ‘Want’ ‘Collect’ buttons.

Facebook's New Collections Feature:

You can visualize the Facebook's Collection Feature, similar to Facebook photo Album; OR the home page of some survey site (or, more pointedly, collage-like presentation on Pinterest), which shows thumbnails of photos OR surveys; and you click on any item to enlarge or act.

The Facebook Collections, is a tool that allows businesses to showcase goods/service, as collections, on their pages (business pages) and sell them through Facebook.

Facebook is testing new features to help retailers build their brands.

How the Feature works:

Each item of the collection (each photo), sports ‘Want’ ‘Collect’ buttons, on the top left. The “Want” button will send products to a section of a user’s Timeline called the “Wishlist,” which is visible to a user’s extended network — friends of friends. The “Collect” button will let users create a collection of their own called “Products” that is visible only to their friends.

By clicking on the 'Want' button a Facebook user can actually buy the item through the collection. But notably, the sale will not take place on Facebook (as happens in Facebook Credits), but on the retailer's website.On clicking the button, the  Collections directs users to a link in each photo’s caption that leads to the retailer’s Web site.

Facebook is also introducing a special version of the “Like” button that will add items to a collection of products that is visible to the extended network.

Who is Testing the New Facebook Collections Feature:

Among the First adopters of the Collections are the brands Pottery Barn, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus and the online retailer Fab.com.

Why the Feature: 

The primary aim of Facebook to launch the new feature is to increase the worth of Individual Business Pages. Notably, Facebook is not taking any cut from the retailers to post Collections. Neither, it's taking any cut from sales made through the Collections.

Thoughts on the new Feature:

As can be seen, from the list of the brands who are testing Facebook Collections; the new feature will be great for brands which have catalogues (and which are tempting to the buyer, Victoria’s Secret). Hence, Apparel, books, deals and art work businesses can use this feature, to their advantage.

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