Office Yoga made easy with New App

Office Yoga is made easy with a New App.

As an office goes, it's futile to make you remember that spending hours at your desk and staring at a computer is bad for your health. You probably know it, already.

And when the work deadlines are there, you can't care much about your health.

Here a new Office Yoga App helps.

With the 'Office YogaMD app', you can learn exercises designed to alleviate the pain and fatigue caused by your desk-bound occupation. The App is developed by certified yoga instructor Dr. Mary Pullig Schatz (, the app provides instructions and animated photos for 21 basic yoga poses. The Good thing is, you can even listen to Schatz explain how to do each pose. That apart, you have always the liberty to do all of the poses in order, or just do a few (On a lighter note, taking too much freedom here is not good :) ).

The Yoga exercises have been categorized in two groups:

1) Beginners and require no flexibility

2) Experts

The App encourages you to do the poses in the comfort of your office and even do some at your desk without anyone noticing. There are poses that practice healthy posture and breathing and relieve neck tension. Some exercise there, take care of carpal tunnel syndrome (happens at wrist of the writing hand, or both wrists in PC users).

A useful and obvious feature of the Office Yoga app is the ability to set an alert through the app via a push notification to your e-mail or phone to remind you to do a certain pose at a particular time. The app also has two audio relaxations to relieve stress and lets you track your progress through a diary.

Availability: Office YogaMD is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for 99 cents. There’s also a free “lite” version that has fewer poses and audio relaxations and no diary, if you’re unwilling to part with the buck.

PS: Dr. Mary Pullig Schatz is the author of one of the best-sellers --Back Care Basics: A Doctor's Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief .


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