Rockmelt For iPad launched

Startup Rockmelt, has made a place for itself in a fast growing niche of web browser built around social networking.

Rockmelt has released desktop and iPhone versions of its bowser that aims at redefining how people use and access the Internet. In short Rockmelt browser has Social Focus. The vision which has attracted close to $40 million from venture firms Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures.

Rockmelt For iPad launched:

Rockmelt For iPad has juts been is launched. The offering has a distinctly Social Focus With New Visual Interface OR that rethinks the browser for the tablet era.

What the Rockmelt For iPad Offers:

1) The app foregrounds images and media content, in a tile-like, endlessly streaming visual format.

2) The home screen pulls stories from the feeds the user follows. In addition it also pulls fresh content from the users’ Facebook or Twitter feeds, and displays them as image tiles that click through to the pages of the respective websites. One can also follow feeds from various sites.

3) The content steamed on to the homepage is personalized, based on what a user interacts with most.

4) The user experience while  flipping open the tile, is smooth and fast.

5) Clicking on a person who liked a piece of content, automatically brings up all of that person’s feed.; so that one can see the stories from the user in future.

6) A user can click the URL button to type an address (this differentiates it from Pinterest and Flipboard, both of which are Apps and Rockmelt is a browser).

7) A new search feature will be key to many. When people search for a topic, they will see content related to that topic that friends and followed sources have interacted with.

8) The new Rockmelt iPad browser also opens the clicked pages into a full web page or in a clean text reader format.

9) To ensure that a user may not overwhlem his friends with stories, Rockmelt is adding a social layer within Rockmelt. This “light-sharing” feature is six “emoticodes” that people can click on to react to content. The codes include Like, LOL, Want, WTF, AWW (cute) and HMM. When people click on one of the emoticodes, their Facebook friends on Rockmelt will see the content with the emoticode.

10) Rockmelt iPad app is different from the desktop app by now having the chat feature. This is because the the makers see people using other chat apps while on the iPad. Teh same way they use a browser and a different chat client on their PCs.

Rockmelt Demography:

Rockmelt’s active users use the browser 7 hours and 15 minutes per day. Its user base is overwhelming young: two-thirds of users are under 25 years old.

Availability: At Apple itunes.


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