SearchMyFiles - The Swiss Knife of all Windows Search Apps.

Sometimes the old users miss the windows XP style of search. They crave forthe interface when things were simple. Even the new users of Win7 are sometimes boggled by the complexity of search embedded. I belong to the old block and those who are desperate for hard action thereis a good news.

This swiss knife is better known as SearchMyFiles. This utility has some of the meanest add-on which will make your life a hell lot easier while you wade your way to the evergrowing number of files in your Hard Disk Drive.

It is a portable file search utility with a single untabbed interface search options accessible from a single screen — making powerful search easy. You name it and this baby has it in its arsenal.

The app size merely occupies a puny 100Kb. You can specify from where to stary your search in the directory tree. There is a nifty little option of excluding the folders. Then you can play with the permutation and combination of wildcards to your heart's content. Man this works like magic and you can even have the facility of excluding file extensions!
Added functionalities like attribute search, Hidden files, Compressed ones, vital system files, archived and encrypted ones can be nested together in a typical search. If this does not whet your appetite then what about time based search where you can find files which are accessed, modified or even created bearing a particular time stamp. Last but not the least one can limit the search to first hundred, thousand or ten thousand results.

Ittakes little time to start using it effectively but once you get the hang ofit then there is no looking back.

SearchMyFiles is a free download for Windows only compatible from Win 2000 to Win 7 flavors. Point your browser to and start the action.


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