What Apple iPad Mini Buyer Wants?

The tech bloggers online seem unanimous on the latest Apple ipad Mini rumor that the tech giant is soon to send out invitations for an iPad mini event Wednesday. If the rumor comes true, then Apple iPad mini will soon be in your pockets (big pockets).

That said, with a very late entry to the market populated by Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet and Google’s Nexus 7; many prospective mini buyers are already asking, 'what the iPad Mini should have to make a foothold?'.

Well there are a few things that Apple iPad Mini should have to satisfy such prospective buyers:

Low price: although Apple has the 'diplomatic immunity' sort of, when it comes to pricing its devices; Apple shouldn't make the device pricier than $300 ( no one is expecting Apple to sell iPad Mini for $199). even at that price, Apple has the guts to compete fully with Amazon and Google offerings. At $299, Apple will not only match up with competitors (why buy Amazon or Google, when you can buy Apple for $100 more), but also convert some of its existing customers, who are carrying $199 iPod Touch or the $399 iPad 2.

Screen Size should be Small but not so Small: Means the screen should make use of the most of the space, stretched as much as possible.

Battery life: Tablets are content consumption devices; this is more so more even smaller tablets. If a user has to use Apple iPad Mini as an e-reader alternate, then it should have the unique ability to keep a charge for weeks. Plus, the display should have no glare attribute too. If retaining charging for weeks, is too big an ask, then the iPad Mini should have to have that kind of battery life, which will have to be able to last through a day of moderate to heavy use to compete.

What Apple iPad Mini will look like, courtesy the rumors:

Can have a 7.85-inch screen, powered with the same A5 chip as the iPad 2, a lower resolution quality than the new iPad (iPad 3), which means no “retina display” Apple has put on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Some reports suggest that the device will be Wi-Fi only.


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