3 Twitter Tips from CEO Dick Costolo which You can Use

Speaking at an event yesterday at his alma mater, University of Michigan, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo offered 3 valuable Tips which you as a Blogger, marketer or online entrepreneur can use to your advantage.

Costolo, who graduated from U-M in 1985 and joined Twitter in 2009, soon after becoming CEO of the company, while speaking on the future of Twitter and how the platform has changed how people consume information and interact on the web, said:

1) The 140-character entry limit on tweets will stay with Twitter for ever:

Twitter has used the same limit since it was launched in 2006 and Costolo says the company "will never change" the limit. "The 140 characters is super important" .

Tip You can Take: 

If you think, 140 characters don't allow you to speak your mind effectively; practice to make sense within 140 characters. even better, if you accomplish the same in 100-120 characters. As that will give space to those who want to Retweet your Tweets.

2) Everyone and every Tweet is Equal For Twitter:

According to Costello, all the fascinating changes Twitter makes and is making right now is to ensure a level playing field, so that everyone speaks with the same access.

Costolo further adds:  Twitter treats all voices equally. No matter if your a common guy/gal or a celebrity, your Tweet moves down follower's feeds at the same rate.

The only exception to this rule are the Promoted Tweets or Pay to promote tweets.

Tip You can Take:

If you Think before you Tweet and show a high degree of expertise in your chosen area, your Tweets can get Celebrity Status on Twitter.

3) If You Don't Like To Tweet, Don't Tweet:

Costolo says: "You don’t have to feel like you have to tweet to use Twitter. It's probably the biggest misconception about the platform." if You don't feel to Tweet, Don't Tweet. Costolo emphasized that this is the "biggest piece of advice" he has for Twitter users. More than 40 percent of Twitter's active users don't regularly Tweet, Costolo said. They just log on every day and consume".

Tip You can Take:

Twitter is not just any other Social networking or Micro Blogging Site. It's a social media network in True Sense. And that makes it fascinating.

There's a particular way on how to use Twitter effectively. A way which has a couple of key variables. If you miss one you fail the entire effort. Let I give you an example.

Imagine a real life Room, where ten people of different intelligence and information, socializing with each other (gossiping). Observing their conversation, you will see that, when it comes to listening, all can Listen. But when it comes to speaking, only a few individuals in the group find their views listen worthy. If those individuals, who don't have quality content to say, simply listen and nod their head in agreement/disagreement, they and the entire Group enjoys and gains.

Twitter is exactly like this Group. So if you are branding Yourself, or your blog at Twitter, do follow the following Rules:

A) Tweet only when you have useful and Quality content to Tweet. This applies for Rumors as well. Unless you are double sure of any rumours, don't tweet about them. Instead, retweet quality content of others and simply agree or disagree with other Twitter users, in just one or two words (@xyz I agree, @uvw Incomplete Logic etc.)

B) Listen To People

C) Follow the Right People -- The people who can help you gain, in your professional area or passion area.

Twitter is a great Tool:

Twitter is a great tool to get focused and real traffic to your blog, or leads to your profile page. Note that on election night on Nov. 6, there were 12,000 to 15,000 tweets per second, according to Twitter figures. Why you deprive yourself from such trove of focused network. Just Follow the Tips and you will know.


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