Corsair New Hydro Series CPU coolers For Gamers

Corsair Announces Updated Hydro Series H60 and New Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Coolers

New Hydro Series CPU coolers take advantage of the latest technology to provide higher cooling performance and lower noise levels

A couple of years ago, while following Chip maker AMD, I got to know how enthusiasts, mainly gamers, over clock their CPUs (changing PC setting to run the processors at higher frequencies) to set new over clocking records.  The basic idea behind over-clocking is to push the processor to the limit, sometimes much higher than its specification. As can be expected, a lot of heat is generated during over-clocking process; which many a times destoys the processor and other circuitry

To prevent such a situation and push the processor even further; pro over-clockers use coolants and structures, sometimes state of the art. The purpose of these coolants (at the very primary level Air, water to ...Space age ones... like liquid Nitrogen) is to absorb the heat generated in over-clocking; so that there's no burn out.

That said, long hours of gaming, that too which involves high graphics and acceleration; has the same over-clocking like effects on the gamer's PC. No surprise, passionate gamers are always trying to manage that heat. 

Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced an updated version of the award-winning Hydro Series™ H60 liquid CPU cooler and the new Hydro Series H55 liquid CPU cooler.

The Hydro Series H55 is an update to the hugely respected Hydro Series H50, and is based on the latest, 4th generation cold-plate design. The updated version of the Hydro Series H60 takes advantage of the latest cold plate, manifold and fan technology to further increase performance and reduce noise levels.

Thi LaSenior VP & GM of Memory and Enthusiast Component Products at Corsairsaid "The Hydro Series H50 and H60 have a hard-won reputation for delivering effective, reliable, and quiet CPU cooling. These new and improved versions demonstrate Corsair's commitment to providing our customers with the latest and best integrated liquid cooling technology."

In addition to the new cold plate and manifold design, the Hydro Series H60 also utilizes larger diameter tubing, which increases the coolant flow rate and performance. The new composite rubber tubing makes installation easier, but retains the low-evaporation rates of the older, more rigid tubing, guaranteeing a long lifetime. The Hydro Series H60 also introduces a new magnetic mounting bracket, which makes it simple to select the correct motherboard socket format.

H60 Includes Fan Based an Award Winning Air Series SP120
A high-quality fan designed specifically to move air through the fins of a liquid cooling radiator is an essential part of any liquid cooling system. The new H60includes a 120mm fan based on the award-winning Air Series SP120.

This utilizes a motor that has been specially tuned for high torque, ensuring outstanding static pressure and consistently high performance at low-noise levels. The Hydro Series H55 is designed to provide a simple and effective upgrade from a basic CPU air cooler. The 4th generation cold plate design, and high static-pressure, low noise 120mm fan provides great performance, while the tool-free mounting bracket and low-permeability rubber tubing makes installation simple.

Both the Hydro Series H55 and Hydro Series H60 are compatible with most cases that feature a rear 120mm fan mount. Both support motherboards based on the Intel LGA115x/1366/2011 and AMD AM2/AM3/FM1 sockets.

Warranty and Availability

Corsair H60 and H55 are available from Corsair's worldwide network and come with 5 year warranty. Some Corsair CPU Coolers are Here


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