Exclusive Interview: Maurizio Grassi, CEO Defenx

Recently we have the opportunity to do an Exclusive Interview with Maurizio Grassi, CEO Defenx. We are grateful to Mr. Grassi.


Defenx creates and develops technologies, products and services to ensure maximum safety and high protection against any form of threat or malware. Started in the year 2009 and based out of Switzerland,the company is engaged in developing the best software applications in the world, providing to his clients the “solution” to their needs. All these products have shared characteristics: security, simplicity and innovation. It extends its products to home & small business as well as business & enterprise. The four main principles of the Defenx products are excellence in technology, efficiency in technology, eco-friendly and values driven.

1. How important is it for an ordinary smartphone and tablet user secure his device from
malware/other threats?

It is more important than people can imagine. New malwares and threats are present in smartphones and tablets due to their application set which accesses internet, social network and personal data at the same time. The amount of important personal and business data on your device is getting more and more important such as bank account data, credit card numbers, passwords,emails, contact lists, personal pictures. Malwares and threats can easily reach information stored in your device and use them for other purpose violating your privacy.

Maurizio Grassi, CEO Defenx
2. What is the success rate of device detection via tracking and how effective it is?

Tests we run on the tracking gave us an outstanding positive result as the software implemented can locate the stolen or lost device even when switched off, when the GPS feature is off and when another SIM card is inserted. Defenx AntiTheft is able to locate exactly your device showing you the location on a map and providing you the telephone number of the SIM card inserted. Defenx AntiTheft software will send all this information to other 3 mobile numbers set by you in the device and you will be able to remotely wipe your data, know where your device is and can call to the person using your mobile.

3. Normally, when it comes to securing devices and networks, the focus is primarily on a PC. What is the scope of Mobile security business in India?

Nowadays access to internet, email, social network and business information are more and more through smartphones and tablets as people use them during any spare moment, without necessarily being at home, in the office or in front of a computer. The market of smartphone and tablet is increasing and technology is improving so fast that it allows anyone to get through any online service or application for any purpose and with total comfort directly from the device. The risk to go through a malware or spyware is growing at the same speed and there is now a strong need to keep risks under control. That is why Defenx is providing with new AntiVirus, AntiTheft and AntiSpam software solutions for smartphones and tablets.

4. As can be seen, you are developing innovative products for multiple mobile platforms. Three years down the line what three mobile OS (tablets and smartphones both) do you think will dominate the market.

Competition has a very important role on this matter which is a good thing especially in this sector as it improves further. Consumer needs and expectations in this market are more and more differentiating so we would rather talk about fragmentation of the market where different products will meet different user needs and each will lead to different segments.

5. What are key areas in Indian market which you will be focusing in coming months?

We are focusing on PC, smartphone and tablet areas with no exclusion. We really believe that our business model can be very competitive and easily implemented in the Indian market giving great benefits to the channels in terms of profitability & managing and to the end users in terms of security & usability.

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