Facebook's Photo Sync for iOS, may Soon Arrive

On February 14, 2012, Google+ added an interesting feature to its iOS App. The Feature was Photo Sync. That's as soon as a user clicks a photo using his iPhone and ipad; it's automatically uploaded to the user's connected Google+ Profile (he has to give one time permission to link the app and the Google+ profile). The photos are simply uploaded to the user's private album, from where he can later decide which to share with his/her Google+ Circle.

According to some reports, Facebook is currently testing a similar Photo Sync feature (which it started with its with its Android app some months back )for iOS. Just like the rival Google+, the Facebook's Photo Sync fro iOS also allows users to have their smartphone photos instantly uploaded to a private Facebook album as soon as they take them. According to some reports, Facebook says they try to sync photos as soon as users take them, but it all depends on your internet connection and battery level. Facebook’s Synced from Phone photo album can hold 2GB of images.

If you’re part of the test, you’ll see an option for Photo Sync inside your photos app on the left side navigation bar, or inside your photos section from your Timeline.

For those who want to have multiple backups of their data, especially carelessly taken and stored pics, this can be a useful feature.

This made me thinking:

Photo Sync for iOS can help Facebook get more share in the market for photos on social media (Images may be one of biggest and one of the most fast growing user generated content at present). It surely may have helped Google+.

That said, the more Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are trying to bring and add new features to their platform; the more all these social networks are looking like each other. I think in a connected world today, Social networks are indeed required to have the feature the rival has. That takes us to a different question: How will Social networks  retain their identity, when they have similar features. Is that Design & Page Layout AND Security. Appears that these two can be deciding the factor. People will choose a network which is more close to their design, layout and security sense.

These are important factors; as even when many people initially (and even now) didn't like Google+, famous former Apple Evangelist and currently a venture capitalist, writer and blogger, Guy Kawasaki was so fascinated with Google+ that he wants the entire world to be on Google+. You can know how he effectively uses Google+ in his new Book, What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of Us .


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