App to use Google Reader onto your Android Phone or Tablet

Reeder for OS X and iOS has many pluses. Hence if a new newsreader app copies those, and that too more or less perfectly; and offers the same goodness to Android users, then the new app will be liked by the target.

Press is the App. The developer of Press has taken inspiration from Reeder, freely. As a result, one gets a newspaper app for Android, which is as good as Reeder.

How Press works:

Press connects and syncs with Google Reader and displays all of user's feeds as tiles or as a list that he/she can browse through. Just tap any specific tile and you read articles from that feed. You can read all of your unread articles at once.

The app allows for sideways flicking from List to Text pages; and a menu key or button always shown on every page, allows the user to open the article in browser, share it with friends, mark it as read, star it to read later, etc.

The app supports offline reading and lets control text size and font.

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