"Bluetooth -- Low energy Version" Casio G-Shock Launched

Casio's  G-Shock is officially out now.

Sporting a Price tag $180. The Casio's Bluetooth G-Shock is Bluetooth v4-enabled smart watch. Bluetooth v4 is the new Bluetooth Low Energy specification. The watches from Pebble and Strata also use the same technology.

Its competition, the Pebble e-paper wristwatch (although Pebble has more features).

What the Casio's Bluetooth G-Shock offers:

Looks nearly identical to other G-Shock watches, the new Bluetooth one offers:

1) water resistance up to 200m (Deep sea Divers will be happy)

2)Pair with an iPhone, the Casio smart watch automatically sets its own time.

3) The watch gongs alerts for incoming calls, email.

4) The watch can also locate a misplaced or carelessly placed iPhone.

Compatibility: Works only with the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, at present.

Battery: The G-Shock uses an ordinary watch battery, lasting 2 Years; when connected to Bluetooth for 12 hours per day.

Availability: For $180, has limited availability at select retailers.

At Amazon: CASIO G-SHOCK Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology Watch GB-6900AA-1JF (Japan Import)


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