Facebook Photo Sync can make a Hole in your Pocket

Facebook recently launched its Photo Sync Feature. The new option in Facebook’s iOS and Android clients, enables you to automatically sync your photos, clicked from your iOS or Android device, directly to your Facebook Account.

The feature could make a hole in your pocket.

Now, Facebook may have introduced the Photo Sync feature to achieve its goal to control the social graph of its users. But, it can give a serious backlash to the user; in case he has a limited data plan; and pays big premium for any data use beyond that.

How? Once an iOS and Android device user, gives One-Time Permission to Facebook's new Photo Sync Feature -- every photo he/she clicks from the device gets automatically uploaded to the user's  Facebook Account (in a Private synced folder in Facebook). Now, modern smartphone images are not small files. Even a low quality file can easily be half MB or more. Imagine, the data all these images will consume; if  5 or 10 images (which included good and out-of focus ones) are uploaded without distinction to Facebook.

So unless you are on data plans with significant capacity, use Facebook's Sync feature at your own risk.

Other possible flip-sides of the feature on your device are 1) a significant impact on battery life and 2) bandwidth being eaten up for convenience, of yours and Facebook.

NOTE: Facebook's PhotoSync feature can be switched off at a later date, and it is an opt-in service. --------

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