What does Foursquare privacy policy New Update mean to a User?

But first what FourSquare changed in its new Privacy Policy Update:

1) Users will have to share full names. Currently, Foursquare sometimes shows a user's full name and sometimes shows his/her first name and last initial ("Adam Smith" or "Adam S."). When the new changes are implemented, Only the Full names will be shown.

Above changes are explained in Privacy 101, a new page explaining the changes it will begin implementing Jan. 28 2013.

If a user doesn't want to share their full names, they can edit the name associated with their account, suggests Foursquare. Foursquare only requires users to provide their first name.

2) Increased the Time period, the businesses can view information about users who checkin to their establishments. In addition, the new update requires users to share their full name with each check-in.

Why the Changes?

FourSquare claims that the change relating to Naming policy will make it easier for users to find other friends using the service. Regarding, increasing the "increased user information viewing by Businesses", the company only informs that Businesses previously were able to view information about visitors who had checked in using foursquare in the past 3 hours, which is now increased. By what increment, it's not disclosed.

What it means:

It means the same you also suspect. Actually, Adding the "name policy" to the change mix, is to divert the attention from the "increased user information viewing by Businesses" change. It's like, when you have to make someone agreeable on one important and controversial issue, you shield it under three other insignificant issues. That way, user can't decide in a focused manner on the most crucial issue.

Actually, the new Privacy policy Updates and changes, are to push the "increased user information viewing by Businesses time window". Rest is just trivial.

So the user should focus on: Whether he wants to disclose more information to businesses; or not? 

More information, can also be curated, if businesses get more time to analyse a user information. Hence if more time is given to a business to analyse your info, more information about you will be at their disposal. Actually, big businesses don't require much time to analyse user info. This they can do in minutes. Actually the new change, will benefit the SMEs (Small and Medium Businesses)and individual marketers and entrepreneurs. They need more time to analyse the primary information, to get secondary inferences.

Only Today, I stumbled upon an article, which said, with a tweak of a wrist, Facebook can end the conventional Advertising. Now, Although Facebook has many pluses in its kitty; it's not that easy. And the reason is: The strengths of services like Facebook Foursquare and Instagram, are also there weaknesses. People may be spending too much time on these services, but they are doing it with social mindset. That's they are socializing the same way they socialize in real world, wherein they choose "people to interact with" cautiously. For the same reason, in Facebook, people may boast hundreds of friends, but they are in talking terms with only just a 6 or 7. That's why, every time such services, try to earn revenue through these users; the users backfire.

Foursquare isn't the only company to unveil a new privacy policy. Instagram and Facebook came under fire when Instagram announced it would begin sharing location data, usage data and device identifiers with other services associated with Facebook. Following consumer outcry over the proposed changes, Instagram rescinded its plans to institute changes to its privacy policy.

Google, who holds nearly all the conventional online advertising, may also be using a searcher's personal info. But a user, doesn't mind, as he/she is consciously searching for something and reaching a webpage for information; and hence sees any information curated by Google, as something which is for better information in future.

NOTE: Foursquare also announced that it had reached 3 billion check-ins. --------

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