Why Politicians sometime Speak the unspeakable on Twitter?

In the iconic book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People", the author Dale Carnegie, tells an interesting story about Former US President Abraham Lincoln. The author says --

During his early years as a politician, Abraham Lincoln had a habit of fiercely attacking his political opponents. His medium for these vitriolic attacks, was hand written letters. Every time Lincoln felt rattled by some issue, he instantly sat on his desk to write, and as soon as the letter is finished, dispatched it. Interestingly, irrespective of how fierce the attack may be, Lincoln most of the times remained unscathed by the fury of an equally fitting reply. Until one day. That day, the receiver of one such letter, decided to publicly confront Lincoln. Such was the potency of this political adversary's attack; that Lincoln was compelled to contemplate afterwards, on what he wrote in his letter. And to his utter surprise, he found many of the points raised by the adversary appropriate and many his (Lincoln's) attacks baseless.
This made Lincoln to realize the importance of Thinking Before Speaking. And although, he continued writing letters, he followed a ritual every time he wrote a letter. When he finished writing a letter, he would not dispatched it immediately. He put the letter, with un-pasted envelope, inside the drawer of his work desk and used to leave it there for the next three days. On the third day, he used to remove the letter and read it once again. Most of the times, he puts the letter to waste bucket and wrote a more considerate letter.

Call it a flip side to instant communication, wherein one can communicate to the world, as soon as a thought comes to his/her mind; the world in general, has stopped "Thinking Before Speaking". As a consequence, many a times People find themselves in an uneasy situation, arising out of their instant communication.

The group most whipped for this indiscretion: are the politicians. And not surprisingly, many a times politicians commit follies and court quarrels & controversies on Twitter and like mediums. Such Controversies go to real world as well. Ordinary people, speak, the unspeakable on Twitter too; but since they don't have much following and influence; they are not affected as much as the top politicians.

For the same reason, intelligent people like Indian politician Shashi Tharoor, sometimes make "Cattle Class" comment; and negatively rattle the entire nation and Indians abroad.

What is the way out:

Although, a letter is still the most powerful medium to get one's views heard; in an age of SMS, email and  Twitter, most of us will not bother to sit and write a letter. So, like it or not, Twitter and other mediums online, will be the messenger pigeon.

So how to use Twitter Safely and effectively?

If you're a person with some influence and Clout -- Tweet Less. A well thought out, targeted (to your professional field and Followers) useful Tweet a week, is better than 5 tweets a day. Rule number two is more important: If you CANNOT write something in a letter or speak on TV or say to a person on his face; don't say that on Twitter.

Actually, the rule applies to anyone using Twitter (common Joe like you and I).

Twitter is a medium to build your Brand (it can be you, your views and your product/service), and People who speak too much and that too without thinking  are welcomed  nowhere.

Rules to Twitter Use:

1) Use You Real Name, Brand name of Product/Service: That keeps the user under Limits.
2) Follow People from your Profession and; if you like, some other people, from other professions, who are known for their wisdom and are interesting to you.
3) Tweet only when you have useful or interesting to say.
4) If a person responds to your Tweet; in an uncivilized manner. Block Him/her.
5) Follow the Rule: On Twitter, the Quality of followers is more important than their quantity. Thus 250 quality followers (who look forward to your Tweets) is better than having 1500, non-listening ones.

[PS: Celebrities, actors & writers, are not included in the Influential People on Twitter; as many a times they benefit from controversies and quarrels. ] --------

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