3 ways to Know Your Blog Audience Better

One of the most attractive, but one of the most ignored metrics in your Blog's analytics Page, are the ones which help you know your Blog Reader Better. These metrics are the ones which tell you about the most prominent Age Group which visits your Blog, their education, whether they are single and have children and from where they access your Blog (that's from Home or Work PC).

Why these metrics are often the most overlooked:

For one simple reason: As most Bloggers can't take the most important decision for their Blog. The decision -- Whether the blog will be niche blog (catering to a particular niche and hence a particular target audience) OR will be an all encompassing Entity (writing about anything under the Sun or writing about a Broad category, such as Technology). As a consequence of this indecision, people don't act on the "Know Your Audience Better" metrics.

It's here important to note that, although the lure of money by writing on almost any topic on a same blog, is too tempting to ignore; but studies have proved that blogs catering to a particular category (the smaller the better) for a select audience prove to be more lucrative than General Blogs, in long run. That aprt a General Blog can be quite exhausting; particularly if you are the only writer there.

So next time, you have any dilemma on 'Whether to increase the number of categories or subcategories in your Blog?' ; Do remember that the chances of your success in blogging will be much more if you DON'T expand too much.

So if you're serious about Blogging or online marketing, do focus on these "Know Your Audience Better Metrics". If your blogging plans are somewhat out of box, then you can ignore this advice.

3 ways to Know Your Blog Audience Better:

The world is full of contrasts. So are the Web Analytics tools. To know your Blog Audience better, choose that Analytics Tool such as Google Analytics, Alexa, AddThis etc. , which provides you the most extensive of information regarding your audience.

Here are three which are somewhat new to most bloggers:

1. Insight on your most social articles and pages Ask Your self these questions and then look for Answers at different Analytics out there:

What does your audience like to share?

What does their audience like to click? (This is necessary to increase reach and viral-ity)

Track, measure and take more action on the things that work and watch your traffic rise organically.

2. Look for Audience Trends: This is to know,

What topics your social audience is interested in?

These Topics can be from Your Blog or from your competitor's blog/site.

3. Services your audience shares to and clicks from:

It can be Facebook, Email etc. But you will be amazed to find some other Services in the mix as well (which you never thought of as noteworthy till now) such as Pinterest, or bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. And it will also tell you which services, have now gone out of favor, for instance it may be Digg, Grow your audience by seeking them out on other more niche communities.

That's it for Today, on this topic.

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