Extensive Website Analytics Tool Launched by SimilarWeb

Just 5 minutes back, SimilarWeb, a known name in the field of Analytics (You may already be using their Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser extensions/addons) launched a pretty extensive analytics/research tool for Websites.

In addition to most important traffic insights for any website; the SimilarWeb Web Analytics also adds the rival or competitor Angle to your Research.

The tool allows you to Add the websites of rivals or competitors, to see your progress compared to them; and analyze your competitors’ traffic and identify growth opportunities online for you.

Other attractive features are ability to check metrics based on Geography. Ranks (has category Rank as well), are also fascinating and I found them more informative than Alexa.

The offering is quite informative, for instance, the traffic Sources also show Email and Display Ads.So, If you are overlooking or not looked at all on the importance of email marketing in your blogging or marketing mix, then Low or zero percent besides the Email icon hits you. Same applies for display ads: If you need to enture into display ads and still not made your mind; you instantly feel the need.

The layout is pretty simple and intuitive, so that a range of web analytics get instant attention, without much strain. Similar Web gives a really good overview on the traffic for any website with a single click.

Just Try it, you as an online marketer or Blogger will be pretty impressed.

Future has more in store for serious online entrepreneurs, bloggers and marketers:

In near future, the company will launch a SimilarWeb PRO offering; where you’ll be able to get deeper insights into your chosen portfolio of competitors. PRO will show entire lists of keywords, incoming & outgoing referrers and benchmark your online performace against competitor sites. Of course, for that you will have to shell out some bucks; but that will be a real intelligence.


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