Send Email message to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for Just $100

Yes Just $100!

You can call it Facebook's $100 experiment.

And what wrong in that,after all Facebook CEO is not an ordinary man. Facebook can charge $100 to message its co-founder.

Facebook is charging anyone $100 to send an email message to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Accepted, it's just Ridiculous:

But imagine this scenario-- What if Facebook can convince some One Percent of Facebook users. That will easily constitute $100 million. And what if the friends of 1 percent of these choose to send the message. Yes like the MLM Tree. Big money.

The scheme can indeed work, just as the one, Facebook launched last month -- A $1 pay-to-message. Since money is small there, more percentage of users will be in MLM Pyramid.

Jokes apart, this is ridiculous. As you can't live in a Palace one day and sleep on the street the other. I think Facebook CEO is really pressured to bring home some money; something which justifies its valuation and Hype. But call it Facebook's hack culture, which is with it right from its College years; Facebook people are inventing poor money making hacks.

PS: On a serious note, this can be an opportunity for those sharp brains and entrepreneurs who want to share something with Zuckerberg. --------

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