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Those who study too much in Libraries, or travel 20 days a ,month, know the true meaning of being sleep deprived. Although, they can douse literally anywhere, but the sleep is not that tight; and people voices and people walking, caught the glimpse of from eye corners, are always there.

For such sleep deprived, there comes the Ostrich pillow, designed by Madrid's Banana Studios.

The Pillow offers people a new way to take a nap. A new way to take a siesta in Spain and may be anywhere in coming months.

Madrid-based Banana Studio has created a curious little pillow with four holes. Dubbed the Ostrich pillow, it has space for the head, two hands, and an opening to breathe, allowing anyone to rest anywhere.

For people looking for a nap on the go, in the office or in the library, the hand-made pillow aims to fill a gap in the market. Ali Ganjavian designed the pillow along with Key Portilla-Kawamura, and Ganjavian says they saw an opening for the product.

Ali Ganjavian, Ostrich Pillow Designer, has this to say about his pillar,

"Immediately we realized that many people from different sectors want it: firemen, students, doctors who sleep in hospitals, people who travel a lot and spend a lot of time in airplanes, people who study a lot in libraries. So, suddenly we realized that many people need it, not just a very small niche but many people need it and this is interesting because it is when you start saying this is a product that people need at a global level."

The designer sees a bright future future for the pillow, which logically goes well with people spending much of their time travelling or at a desk.

A Bit about Sleep:

Closing one's eyes helps one sleep. As darkness experienced that way, gives the brain the signal to switch off the more conscious activities and send the body to sleep. That's why people use eye blinds to sleep on aeroplanes. Hence, this product would be effective.

This is the fun thing about innovation. Simplest of Science, can bring a highly effective product. For instance, if you are struck in a cold night, with nothing to drape yourself (like a blanket), just place your palms under your head and instantly you will feel warm. The reason behind this is: We lose a lot of heat through body extremities  like finger tips, ears etc. Once you put palms and fingers between your head and the sleeping surface you instantly start conserving heat. And one more thing, fold your feet over the lungs (shields the lungs from losing heat and also decreases the body surface area; less surface area will mean less less heat loss.)

Another way to conserve body heat, when you're stuck outside in a cold night, but this time have the luxury of having just one small quilt or cloth piece; is place that quilt or cloth on your chest. Since much blood is circulated via lungs, keeping lungs warm, helps one stay warm for relatively more time.

This product could have been more better, if it hides the ear with some semi permeable layer; and has a baby feeding napkin like extension to cover the Chest. That way it would conserve body heat as well. --------

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