SukuGo -- Sudoku-inspired game to teach math skills

Sudoku, a number game, makes you stress your Left Part of the Brain (Logic is there). But how to have the Full brain Exercise? That's how to use both the Left and Right parts of your Brain?

Victor Zou has the solution. Zhou has created 'Sukugo'. A Sudoko which not only increases your Math Skills but also increase your Creativity & Reasoning . Sukugo uses both sides of their brains.

How SukuGo Looks? Much like your Sudoku Board, the only difference is it's versatile and colorful. The Sukugo set consists of a 9-by-9 sudoku game board and more than 200 brightly-colored game pieces. Instead of simply writing numbers in blank squares, Sukugo users can affix the game piece in the appropriate spot, making full use of their sense of touch and sight.

For More info, on Victor Zou’s sudoku-inspired board game, Sukugo, at --------

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