Twitter Valuation -- End 2012

Twitter Valuation -- End 2012? According to Insiders Twitter is Now Trading At $11 Billion On The Private Markets.

And according to a new report by Greencrest Capital, Twitter is planning for an IPO, likely in 2014. This is in line with what Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey told CNBC in closing months of 2012.

Valuation at Private Markets:

Twitter is currently being traded on secondary markets. Based on recent trades, the company hit a valuation of $11 billion, Greencrest analyst Max Woolf told Forbes.

Notably, in 2011, in its most recent financing, Twitter raised financing which valued it at $8 billion. After the financing, it rose to $10 billion, but negativity of Facebook IPO rubbed it and it came back below a $9 billion in Summer 2012.

Although the real Twitter worth will be known once Twitter becomes public in 2014, but still the secondary markets trading can give some hint about the valuation Twitter will reach, in 2014, post IPO. For instance in May 2012, Facebook stock became Private to Public at $29.30 a share. It's now at $28.

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