Clean Twitter Litter in Your Email Inbox

If you are in a habit of subscribing to every newsletter from online services; then the chances are that, your email inbox will be full of Twitter litter, which includes alerts for "who followed you", "who to follow" or "you may know" etc.

If you want to do some room cleaning, then below is how to -- Free your inbox from Twitter Litter:

Type the following (with double quotes) in the search field in your email inbox and just delete the hundreds of  alerts carelessly littered all over the place:

"is now following you on Twitter"

"here's what's happening on Twitter"

"Discover more on Twitter!"

"Do you know Who"

"Do you know what happened on Twitter this week?"

[The above phrases are found in the titles of the Twitter alerts. We are just filtering, those emails which have the exact phrase].

I bet you will find much litter. --------

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