Courtesy Apple, Foxconn touches plus USD 100 billion Revenues

Taiwan-based OEM firm (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Foxconn, world's leading manufacturer of computer components and systems, is the company which makes touch displays for tech Giant Apple (iPhone, iPad etc.). Although Samsung also makes a share of Apple device displays; but Foxconn makes the bear-share (Yes, that's why Samsung devices have great displays).

Courtesy Apple's iPad , Foxconn dominates the Tablet OEM Business. The rising demand for tablets, has made Foxconn continue its domination in the tablet OEM business in this fiscal cycle as well.

Some Numbers:

In November, Foxconn has seen revenues reaching a historical high of NT$351.733 billion (US$12 billion), representing an on-month growth of 27.6%. Foxconn's December revenues will continue to be strong and the fourth-quarter revenues are likely to exceed NT$1 trillion, an on-quarter growth over 40%. Sources believe that Foxconn's revenues have been heavily influenced by Apple products and also for the orders that Foxconn has received from Amazon and Microsoft.

About Foxconn:

Foxconn was established in 1974 and has grown to become the largest ODM in the world with nearly 1,000,000 employees and revenues in excess of USD 100 billion. Foxconn's customer base includes many famous brands in computing, communications and consumer electronics, for example; Apple, Cisco, Dell, HP, Nokia and Sony. With expertise in design and manufacturing, Foxconn's Channel Division is able to bring barebones and component products to channel customers around the globe, giving them the freedom to create their own solutions. To learn more,

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